After a Fire: DryMaster Helps Restore Your Peace of Mind
Structure fires can have an emotional and devastating effect on a family or business. DryMaster has a team of certified technicians who are trained in the treatment of not only fire/smoke (soot) damaged structures, but also in the treatment of items affected by highly acidic and damaging soot. Our contents restorers are very effective in cleaning restorable personal items as well as highly detail oriented to determine those items that are beyond restoration, and will create accurate inventory lists for you and your insurance company of unsalvageable items.

Fire damage is usually a two-fold restoration task; fire and smoke damage issues need to be addressed, as well as the clean up of fire extinguishing methods. A typical structure fire will be put out with water, and if the moisture levels in a fire damaged structure are not addressed you may be faced with further water migration damage and mold contamination issues that can lengthen the time it takes for complete restoration. DryMaster will not only respond to your fire damage with the finest in restoration tools and practices, we will be there with the caring and understanding necessary to help you through a potentially devastating situation.